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We help you find the best financial advisorfor your unique needs.

Financial security can bring peace of mind, a sense of financial freedom, and open up new opportunities. But achieving this sense of space in our finances can feel out of reach.  Even receiving a fat paycheck doesn’t dissolve the need to manage money and make complex financial decisions day after day.

A good financial planner can be your sounding board, providing guidance through financial decision making in a way that should put a pin in your stress. Even more important, they can create a plan for your finances that streamlines and automates your progress towards financial security. However, finding the right advisor can be time-consuming and it can be difficult to know if you’ve made the right choice.

Why We Do It

We started Top 10 Financial Planner as a way to connect Australians to the best financial planners in their region. While there is an abundance of finance experts, finding the right one that you’re comfortable with and that offers the services you need can seem difficult. As a result, people's financial goals were being delayed or put off altogether. We wanted to change this.

We spent time on research and getting to know the market and developed our selection process to find the best financial advisors in the country, to make your research and choice easier. We have a strict criteria on which advisors we list, so you can trust they are the best in your city. We endeavour to update our listings whenever appropriate to keep them fresh and relevant.

Would you like to know more about the qualifications we use to select our advisors? Visit our Financial Planning Qualifications and Courses page for more information.

Retirement planning helps Australians prepare for their later years when they are no longer earning a working income. Whether you have significant wealth and assets, or you are living on an average wage, planning for retirement can be challenging or stressful if you are attempting it by yourself. Talking to an expert financial planner can help you feel more confident about what your retirement will look like, and they can secure your finances so you can plan ahead to enjoy your later years.
Many Australians are very interested in investing in property. While it seems like a straightforward investment process, it’s vital to get good advice to enable you to make the right purchase decisions and appropriately structure your debt. A financial adviser can provide guidance on how to prepare for investing in your first property, and how the investment and debt structure fits into your overall financial picture and goals.
A financial advisor can help you solve any issues you are experiencing with your superannuation, find the best superfund for you, and can ensure your investments through super are optimised for your retirement timeline. If you have an SMSF or are considering getting one, you should definitely speak to a financial adviser that specialises in this area. This will help you avoid costly errors in administration and investment choices within your SMSF.
High-income earners or high-net-worth individuals will usually have a wealth manager or financial advisor on their radar. If you’re looking for an advisor that specialises in wealth management, then review our lists for someone who specialises in this area. You want to be confident that your assets are respected and protected, and your goals are being prioritised in every strategy that is implemented in your portfolio.
A financial advisor can be a great option if you’re looking to invest in the stock market and want guidance on where to start or how to make the most of your money. Seeing an adviser in this situation might be most appropriate if you have a significant sum to invest or you want investing to be part of a broader financial strategy.
Many financial planners can assist with Estate Planning. Estate Planning is a plan that you put in place to ensure you have taken care of what happens to your assets as you age, and how they are distributed after your death. Estate planning is particularly valuable if you have assets that you’d like to pass on or distribute as an inheritance - ensuring that exactly what you intend to happen will occur.
One of the things that financial advisers can assist with is the appropriate protection of your money and assets. They understand how insurance intersects with many other services and products, such as superannuation, and ensure that you are adequately protected in case of accident or catastrophic event. Financial planners might speak to you about income protection insurance, TPD insurance, and health and life insurances.
Some advisors can assist with general advice enquiries, or one-off requests for personal advice. While many don’t offer this service, look at our listings for financial planners that offer this service in their speciality section.

How Financial Advisors Can Help

Financial Advisors can help you secure your financial future through a number of different services. After seeing a financial advisor, you can expect to have:

  • A clear picture of your financial world
  • Defined your financial goals and what is most important to you
  • Strategies and financial plan developed to help you achieve your goals
  • Ongoing help to keep your financial plan on track

As you’ll see in our listings, different advisors often have different speciality areas, however many advisors will offer some or all of the below services.

Is a Financial Advisor The Right Choice for You?

Deciding if you’re ready for a financial advisor or if they offer the services that you’re looking for is something that you should do as part of your research. Some advisors have minimum investment requirements, while others have fee structures that are more accessible. We recommend reading through a few resources that we have linked below to help you decide if you’re financially ready to start a relationship with an advisor.

My Wealth Solutions has a useful article on being financially ready.

Read Moneysmart’s breakdown on fee structures